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Why Choose US

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Our parents are fully satisfied and that is reflected in the survey


It is education ideologies well proven by research. global Discovery Schools takes the best from Gurukul concepts, Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio-Emilia, Kumon and multiple intelligence theories


GDS' DNA was instituted by engineers. The bulk of GDS founders and management are engineers by training.

Learning Space Design

GDS, the school of tomorrow has left no stone unturned in its initiative of changing the dynamics of education.

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What our Parents Say

"Global Discovery School shows high level of transparency which is not seen in any other school. School management takes parents through all the micro details that are executed in school involving students."

by Leena Arora (Parent)

"Global Discovery Schools has specialized team to find out inherent ability of child and support children to grow in area of their interest."

by Alpesh Mohite (Parent)

"School is working in a direction which is giving children understand basics and explore more and more areas of study and life and that's whats translate I Want to be Me."

by Gerish Kr. Sharma (Parent)




Well-being Classes -
Journey from a Learner to a Thinker 

Co-authored by:- 

Nikhil Jain (CEO, Global Discovery Schools), 

Neymat Grewal (Well-being Expert & Performance Coach, Global Discovery Schools), Tanvi Gupta (Well-being Expert & Performance Coach, Global Discovery Schools) 

What is the difference between a soul & a spirit? 

What is the difference between the mind & the brain? 

Imagine someone asking these questions. What would you think about them? We would think that this is some curious person who engages in deep thinking & wants his answers! 

But if we say that these are two 10-year-olds asking these questions - what would you say then? 

Well, we would believe that their thinking skills are becoming sharp & they are in an environment that helps them explore, ask, & gain more knowledge.

It is a story that we live every day with different students of different ages. This magic happens in our well-being classes. 

But what are these ‘well-being classes’? We'll tell you… 

About Well-being Classes 

Well-being classes are specially designed classes that aim to break the pattern of a fixed mindset, inculcate growth mindset in children, enhance their social and emotional learning (SEL) skills, and work towards their holistic personality development. It is being achieved by: enhancing their confidence, public speaking skills, decision-making skills, and much more. In these classes, the children get a free environment along with the structure that a school class offers. The students freely share their thoughts and opinions, discuss them with the whole class, and learn from each other. These classes are conducted based on our specially designed Well-being Curriculum which is based on the principles of child psychology, positive psychology, science of parenting in the modern world, and pedagogical knowledge gathered over the years from around the world. 

But how will these well-being classes benefit the children? 

And can these be helpful for the child at school? 

Let’s find out…….. 

Well-being classes in schools lead to:- 

Good performance in academics 

In Well-being classes, students are taught ways to manage their stress and time, learn ways to prioritize their work, and much more. These skills help them manage their stress related to studies and exams, help them manage their time between studies and other activities, help them plan their study schedule well, and much more. All these skills require them to excel in academics.

Good social interaction with each other 

As the well-being classes have a dedicated focus on the students' social skills, the students learn how to interact with others, how to listen to others well, ways to engage positively with others, ways to resolve conflict with others, and other such skills that will help them in their social interactions at every step of their life. 

Better integration in the school setting 

The presence of well-being classes assures the students that the school cares for their well-being, curiosity, and views. They get an opportunity to learn practical skills while also being able to share all that they want to. It creates a positive relationship between the teachers and the students. Students feel excited to come to school and learn. 

Overall personality development 

There is holistic development of the child as the child learns various skills like public speaking, learning to ask questions, and learning to share their views - all of this helps the child be more confident and helps develop their personality. 

Builds growth mindset 

Students learn the skills of grit and resilience. They realize the importance of perseverance and ways to maintain their motivation and drive when meeting any challenge. Such learnings help them overcome the hurdles that come their way while maintaining their morale. 

Are well-being classes the only different activity that takes place in the school? Not at all! 


About Life Mein Marks 

Well-being classes are a part of the Life Mein Marks (LMM) Program. It is based on the philosophy that we must aim to help students score well in exams as well as in their lives. LMM is a program through which we take care of the child's overall well-being. This program aims to focus on the children's abilities like their self and emotional

awareness, resilience, critical & creative thinking, empathy, compassion & all such skills that will help them to excel wherever they go and at every point of their life - be it in their career, personal relationships, or their own life.


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Why Choose US

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Our parents are fully satisfied and that is reflected in the survey


It is education ideologies well proven by research. global Discovery Schools takes the best from Gurukul concepts, Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio-Emilia, Kumon and multiple intelligence theories


GDS' DNA was instituted by engineers. The bulk of GDS founders and management are engineers by training.

Learning Space Design

GDS, the school of tomorrow has left no stone unturned in its initiative of changing the dynamics of education.

Franchisee Information Kit

GDS holds your hands from the beginning till the end, safeguarding your investment and time like no one else does.

Inviting franchise proposals for the schools of tomorrow because building schools count on an excellent future.

Global Discovery Schools is steadily laying the foundation for a GDS school in every Indian town. The venture was started to pave the way for a revolution in the Indian education system. We are introducing future schools to fundamentally re-define what a school should be like.

With 6+ years of extensive research, we are able to establish the concept of GDS playgroup to Class XII that guides a child towards a better life through better schooling. GDS’s ‘Roadmap to my Dreams’ platform takes care of long-term as well as short-term goals of the child's future.

GDS has secured remarkable results across different states year after year, specifically in Gujarat, Punjab, MP, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamilnadu in terms of brand value, admissions and economics. We have opened the doors for entrepreneurs, land/building owners and investors who have an eye for opportunities in an ever expanding sector that has been providing stable financial flow over many decades.

If you own 2 to 5 acres of land, can do 30K upfront construction, plus you have 3 crores liquid funds for operations, then taking a GDS franchise will surely prove to be a good investment.


GDS’s innovation pillars are:

  • Pedagogy
  • Process/Technology
  • Learning space design
  • Admissions & Brand
  • Supply Chain
  • Compliance & Legal
  • Hiring & Training
  • Roadmap to my dreams platform & Discovery Packets that collectively drive viral word of mouth

Find out about our industry's leading track records in teaching quality, admissions, attracting educators, school operations, capex and opex.

GDS’s Background and Vision

  • Education researchers, Fortune 500 executives, graduates from Kellogg, Stanford and IIM with a passion to create schools of tomorrow
  • Revolutionize school education and be an ace education brand in the country
  • Operate a transformational school in every Indian town
  • GDS has successfully digitized the shaping of student's lives via the ‘Roadmap to my Dreams’ platform

GDS’s Differentiators

  • Unique philosophy designed on extensive research studies carried out across the globe
  • All education and co-curricular programs focusing on delivering quality and excitement through the discovery moments
  • Architectural layout proposed to create a positive environment and foster quick learning among students

Sector with Long Term Potential

  • A $12 billion market, growing annually at the rate of 14%
  • Parents are looking for high quality schools within their budget
  • Incumbents are unable to innovate
  • Opportunity to impart world class education for Indian children at an affordable fee structure

Who are we looking for?

  • Partners who own/possess 2-4 acres of land (preferably 4 acres), can construction 30K sq feet upfront and Rs. 3 crores in liquid capital for operations needed across initial 3 years
  • Stable and recession proof returns, higher than industry IRR and margins with early break-even
  • Entrepreneurs/land owners who want to create an educational institution for a better future



A GDS for every Indian Tier 2 and Tier 3 town

Scalability of Operations Established

  • Tie-ups with good architecture firms , legal, marketing, recruiters, supply chain and other vendor partner
  • Impressive investment in scalable IT systems
  • Teaching and operations processes codified

Strong Brand and Product Acceptance

  • Went live in June ‘12 by opening its 1st school in Vadodara
  • Clear validation of ‘pioneer status’ and ‘customer acceptance’ of the brand all over India
  • Parent feedback validates differentiators and value proposition

GDS Schools Operational/Coming Up

  • Gujarat
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Odisha
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Punjab ( 2 operational, 1 signed)
  • Maharashtra
  • Rajasthan
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Telangana

Ramp-up plan across clusters

Targeting growth via cluster model

Targeting the following clusters:

Western Clusters

  • Vadodara
  • Ahmedabad
  • Rajkot
  • Navi Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Jodhpur
  • Udaipur

Northern Clusters

  • Jaipur
  • NCR
  • Jalandhar

Southern Clusters

  • Bengaluru
  • Namakkal
  • Coimbatore
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Visakhapatnam

Central Clusters

  • Sundargarh
  • Bhopal
  • Nagpur


Education Sector

Schools of tomorrow offer tremendous opportunities for excellence.

Large demand, high growth, limited alternatives, price inelastic for differentiated products and a huge opportunity for innovators.

Sector - K-12 schools

  • Shortage of 200,000 schools
  • Size of K-12 segment was $30 billion by 2012 which is now growing at 14% CAGR
  • Sector is in need of reform as a new paradigm is emerging
  • Legacy schools going out of fashion and facing many limitations to innovate new teaching modules

Customer – middle class

  • Growing middle class and upper middle class with high disposable income, expected to triple over the next six years
  • Parents value education, seek quality and are willing to spend on modern reliable education
  • Education is the second largest expenditure for the middle class


  • Elite schools are expensive and don’t scale up
  • Private trust schools are constrained by legacy
  • Missionary have narrow focus owing to founding mission
  • New entrants focused on speedy entry as opposed to sustainable product advantage
  • Imitation of GDS model by competitors is difficult to replicate


GDS’s Franchisee Scheme

Key facts:

  • GDS partners with you as ‘school IP’ and ‘school management’ company to help you in setting-up the school and manages it for you
  • Construction will happen in phases, starting with 24000 sq feet upfront. Total built up area will be 72000 sq. feet spanning from 0-7 years
  • Student capacity in one admission shift is 1800 to 2200


Minimum land requirement is 2 acres, preferably 4 acres. Upfront construction of 24000 to 30,000 sq feet Additional investment required is Rs. 3 crore liquid capital for operations across first 3 years

  • The rest can be financed by loan. GDS provides assistance through preferred bankers
  • Higher than industry IRR and margins
  • Optimised capex investment and early break-even

GDS schemes are structured to meet your risk appetite and financial exposure. In any case, GDS incentivises itself based on the school performance to ensure GDS has high stake in your school’s success.

Please click here download the detailed presentation 



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